3D Software

Resin System

Z-Axis Slides

We developed the Hafner LCD printer specifically for the jewellery industry,
with a focus on user-friendliness.


Special features such as an air-purification system, automatic resin refill, deluxe 7'' Touchscreen control, and wireless connection make 3D printing easier and healthier.

Resolution XY 47μm and Z 10μm
Large Build Volume 120 x 68 x 150mm
Fast printer speed he printing speed is up to 36mm/hr
Dual Z-Axis slides The dual-liner slides are designed to eliminate wobbling, and create highly precise 3D models with an ultra-smooth surface.
Safe printing The Air-purification system includes a low-speed fan and an activated carbon filter to remove ultra-fine particles and unpleasant fumes for a healthier printing environment.
Auto resin system he resin refills automatically as needed when printing large models.
Intuitive control With the deluxe 7'' touchscreen monitor users change print settings & track printing status anytime with just a simple touch control.
Auto resin wiper effective resin wiper to remove particles and improve print consistency and quality by mixing evenly when ceramic resin, powder, or other materials are added.
Hafner 3D Software our own Hafner Software designed for the special requirements of jewellery production.

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