Example prints (left to right): Cast Away, Showmaster, Copycat.

Hafner Resin

Our Hafner Resins have been specially developed for the requirements of jewellery production and optimized accordingly to achieve the best possible results.

Therefore we can present you with 3 unique resins, specialized for each their task.

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Cast Away

  • Castable resin
  • Good casting results in precision casting without extensive adjustments of the casting process
  • Developed and optimized at Kalman Hafner Jewellery Manufacturing Services


  • Bend resistant resin
  • High level of detail and durability
  • Fast printing
  • Ideal for demonstration models


  • Mouldable resin
  • Fast printing
  • Very smooth surfaces for mould making
  • High heat resistance up to 180 ° C

Cleaning / Washing Station

  • Simple and clean
    The procedure for emptying the used liquid can be carried out very easily by simply removing the inner tank. An air tight lid encloses smell and fumes to ensure a better work environment.
  • Removable basket
    The removable basket allows the operator to work comfortably with the device during the operations of immersion and extraction of the objects from the tank.
  • A program for each object
    Thanks to its 3 washing programs, selectable from the special menu, you can obtain standard, energetic or delicate washings. You can perform very accurate cleaning on complex objects or delicate cleaning to protect your most refined creations.

UV Curing Station

  • 2 wavelenghts, endless possibilities of use
    The double frequency technology can cure a wide range of different resins, from standard to more complex types as castable resins with higher demands.
  • 360 ° Polymerization
    The unique Omni 360 ° technology radiates your objects from every side, even from underneath. The 6 irradiating faces in fact allow an effective exposure to UV without rotating objects and withou t moving parts that can wear out.
  • Ecological and safe
    The UV curing station uses Eco-Passive technology, which recovers the dissipated energy from powerful UV emitters. This exclusive solution, combined with an efficient multi-sensor over-temperature control system, ensures reduced operating costs and long life of the device.

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